Month 1 Update

Month 1 Update

NicheMerch was launched on Jan 1 of this year with the hypothesis that shopping for goods inspired by niche interests doesn't have to suck.

So far, so good. In our first month we:

  • Grew from 5 designs to 74. So far all of our designs are embroidered, niche hats, but there are plenty of other categories to come.
  • Acquired, but is still cooler 🙃
  • Made our first sale: a Banana Hat, in black, to a NicheMerch-er (trying that on...) in Portland, Oregon. The New York Coffee Cup Hat was a surprise hit, with appeal spanning thousands of miles from NYC.

What's next? We're going to keep listening to you and design the most appealing new niche items we can.  Stay tuned, and always please send us your feedback:


Image credit: Bing Image Creator "a warehouse with a million niches"

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